There are many ways you can support our vital work studying and protecting our whales, dolphins and porpoises. Perhaps you have already become a Sea Watch Member, from as little as £3.50/month but if not, you can join here. If you are already a Member, why not refer a friend? You can support us in so many other ways too and some of them cost nothing at all but make a big difference.

Become an Observer

Sea Watch has the largest network of observers monitoring the movements and status of our cetaceans. Most of them are not qualified scientists or researchers, just interested people who want to make a difference and learn more about these amazing creatures. No experience is necessary but training and support is available. Every coastal county of the UK has a Regional Co-ordinator who can help you get involved locally. Click here to find out more.


Some fundraising ideas such as registering with Amazon Smile or setting up a Facebook Fundraiser cost you nothing at all. Payroll Giving will ensure the taxman helps both of us! Click here to look at our Fundraising page for more ideas and details.

Corporate Sponsorship

Perhaps your business or employer would like to support our work? Many companies now recognise the importance of looking after our amazing planet and are keen to play their part. It can be great publicity  too, a way to promote services or products. Check out our Corporate Sponsorship page here for more information.

Lifestyle Choices

There is a growing understanding that the choices we make in our lives have an impact on our planet. We can choose to minimise that impact by making often quite small changes to the way we live our lives. Lifestyle choices including food, transport and travel, minimising waste and energy use can all make a huge difference as more and more people make changes. Click here to learn more.