Everything we do in our lives has an impact on our planet and everything that lives on it including cetaceans.  This provides a great opportunity for us all to help our natural world with the everyday choices we make. You don’t need to have access to a boat or a beach to help save whales, dolphins and porpoises! Even a few simple changes can start to make a difference!


Simple things such as how much water we use in the shower or bath, what products we use, what we eat and drink, what we wear, how we travel, where we work, what products and packaging we use and how we spend our leisure time all has an impact. The more care we take with this things, the smaller our footprint on the planet. What could you do to minimise your impact? Any change, however small, can make a difference if enough people take action!

Using fossil fuels, single use plastics, non recyclable items, food and drink items from distant shores, non-ethical and environmentally damaging producers and eating certain seafood has a massive impact on the marine environment and whales, dolphins and porpoises in particular as they are at the top of their food chain. Are there some more sustainable choices you could make?


Everyone now knows the huge impact international travel has on climate change, but what about the environmental attitude of the country you’re visiting and spending your money with, or that of the airline and travel company and accommodation provider. For example many tour operators still promote and advocate cetacean captivity whilst others have taken a stand against it and no longer feature such destinations. There are positive benefits to travel, including learning more about our world and understanding other cultures but it is important to consider anything we can do to reduce our carbon footprint, and to encourage greater environmental responsibility when we can do so.

Over time, we will add links to some specific actions you could take and include some more detail to expand on the ideas above.