Do you have like minded friends who care about the welfare of whales, dolphins and porpoises and marine conservation, not just around the British Isles but indeed, around the world? Would they like to join you and get involved too? They say many hands make light work, so we’d be happy welcome them to the team if they join you as a Member, Family Member or Premium Member. Perhaps they would like to Adopt a Dolphin? Alternatively, as you know, it is possible to become involved as an observer or volunteer with Sea Watch which provides practical opportunities to work as part of our team and help preserve the nature and wildlife we care about so much about.

Copy and paste the following into an email, or  Facebook post, and send to all of your friends, particularly those who you know share your interests.

Hi Friend,

I’m now helping Sea Watch Foundation with the amazing work they do for Whale, Dolphin and Porpoise Conservation and the wider marine environment around the British Isles and overseas

I know you also care about Cetaceans and the oceans, so would you like to join me helping them?

Here’s a link to how to get involved let’s talk about this soon!