We are always interested in partnering with like minded ethical businesses with shared interests in Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises and Marine Conservation.

Corporate funding helps us deliver our vital Cetacean research and conservation projects. By partnering with us our Corporate partners demonstrate their commitment to conservation and the environment which is of significant importance to customers and employees in the 21st century. Our Corporate partners will also benefit from being advertised on our website and social media as well as being included in news, literature and marketing to our thousands of dedicated followers, government institutions and commercial and non-profit organisations globally.

In the UK, Companies are also entitled to tax relief for qualifying charitable donations made to charities.

If you would like to refer your business or employer, please email info@seawatchfoundation.org.uk ,CCing in your company contact, and we’ll be in back in touch. Feel free to use some the text above to highlight the importance of Corporate sponsorships for Sea Watch and Whale, Dolphin and Porpoise conservation.