The Adoptable Dolphins of Cardigan Bay

As a Family, or Premium, Member of Cardigan Bay you are generously providing additional financial support for our vital work studying and protecting the bottlenose dolphins in Cardigan Bay. Here, you can learn more about our “Adoptable Dolphins” who are amongst the most frequently seen of all the animals in the Cardigan Bay Special Area of Conservation.


Lumpy is the son of Smoothy, and stars in our children’s book, The Magic Dolphin. We have known him since he was born in 2006, and have followed his progress ever since! He can be recognised by his unique fin shape – tall and curved with a lumpy trailing edge and two small nicks. Although he has long since left his mum, we still see him checking in with her (and his little sibling Dipper) once in a while. He seems to favour southern Cardigan Bay and often approaches our boat for a bit of bow-riding when we head down that way!


Ghost was first seen in 2006. We recorded her as ‘unknown gender’ until 2015, when she was spotted with her first calf Caspar, who sadly passed away the following year. She was added to the catalogue as an adult so was at least nine at the time she was first seen with a calf. Ghost is often seen with Berry and her calf Luna. Ghost has been spotted all around Cardigan Bay and North Wales, but in recent years seems to prefer Cardigan Bay SAC, where she often hangs out with her calf Summer and now has a new calf, Spirit, born in 2021. Data indicates that a lot of new mums and calves move to Cardigan Bay SAC, suggesting it’s a particularly favourable environment for them.


Tigger is one of the stars in our children’s book, The Magic Dolphin, where he gets into all sorts of trouble with best finned friends Lumpy & Button. He loves his mum Chris, and stayed with her for a whole seven years before striking out on his own when all his friends left their mums at around three! Now Tugger enjoys hanging out with his friends Lumpy, Frodo, Dumbledore and Brimstone around New Quay. They have lots of fun together and like to show off to the dolphin watching boats!



Named after one of the most notorious villains in recent literature, our Voldemort (or You-Know-Who for the fainthearted) is rather less terrifying to his bottlenose dolphin companions than his fictional counterpart – although being a big, impressive male he may still seem rather intimidating to the harbour porpoises that frequent Cardigan Bay! He has been in the area for well over ten years and is very sociable often being seen in groups with females and calves, and sometimes even looking after the calves while the mums are off foraging for fish!


Graham is a long-time Cardigan Bay resident, known to us since 1990. He is readily recognisable by his rugged looking fin with a distinct deep V-shaped notch at the base. We often see him socialising with small groups of boisterous males or sociable females, showing off with spectacular leaps out of the water, but he also seems to enjoy some time alone and can often be spotted hanging out and feeding around New Quay pier.


FLINT is known for his fantastic leaps and acrobatics. As the picture shows, he looks great when he’s performing. Flint has a distinctive pattern of nicks on his fin along with some tooth scratches making him easy to recognise. In recent years, he has spent a lot of time in northern Cardigan Bay.


Berry is a New Quay dolphin mum we have known from when she was only a small calf herself, accompanying her mum, Wendy, back in 2007. Since then Berry has had her own calf, Pip, in 2014 and we often see the two of them playing and feeding around New Quay with other mums and calves. She has a perfectly smooth fin, unmarked by nicks and notches, but is easily recognisable by white markings around the tip of the fin and the trailing edge.